Discover Tina Michele

She has a new album coming out later this year! Think jazz, blues, pop with some classics mixed in.

My Passion and Purpose

Do you want to be encouraged to be the best of who you are and to draw closer to the One who created you? That's exactly what my passion and purpose is.

I love sharing my songs and stories around the world at events, retreats, on the radio, Youtube and TV. A number of my songs have been nominated for GMA Covenant and Word Awards. They are meant to hit your heart and get you thinking and thanking.

God is central in my life - but it wasn't always that way. For my first 16 years of my life I didn't know of God. Coming from a loving home, I felt that doing my best and treating others like I would like to be treated is what counted. However, I felt there was a void in my life.

Then I met a high school classmate who dramatically changed within a few months of becoming a Christian. It hit me that I too can have peace, joy and purpose in life - just like my friend. After researching Christianity and other religions for a year, I came to the conclusion that Christianity was the irrefutable truth. Then one night I had a series of nightmares where I knew that God wanted to have a relationship with me and I in turn wanted it too. God and I became best friends. Bonus - my fear of death was addressed when I found out God gave me a free ticket to heaven!

After this life altering decision, I went through some tough times, such as the death of my mom and close friends, personal relationship struggles and infertility, but I grew through each journey. They've inspired many of my songs and writings.

In addition to my singing and speaking, I'm a wife, mom of one daughter and have worked for non-profit organizations helping the poor and those in need for over 20 years.

I love exploring new places, biking, eating tasty food including chocolate, be in, on or by the water and am in bliss when they all intersect.


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• GMA Covenant award nominee for best traditional/classical song "It's not a Fairytale"
• GMA 2017 Covenant award nominee for Seasonal Song of the Year Now and Eternity
• Word Guild 2018 Best Song Lyrics Nominee for You’re Never Alone
• Word Guild 2018 nominee for Inspirational Devotional “Christmas behind Barbed-Wire Fences”
• Word Guild 2017 In the Beginning award runner-up Non fiction
• 1st place winner of numerous Toastmaster competitions up to the District level for Humorous speech, International Speech, Tabletopics and Speech evaluation
• Received awards at Classical Voice Recitals and Competitions


• Distinguished Toastmaster (Past District Education Ambassador, Area 33 Governor, Club President and Club Mentor)
• A.R.C.T. in Voice and Grade 8 in Piano, Royal Conservatory of Music
• Pop and Classical Voice private training
• Professionally trained Peer Supporter & Trainer and Facilitator
• Bachelor of Math with Business, University of Waterloo
• Professionally trained "Peer Supporter" with ability to train others on stress management and peer support.
• Acting courses, Seneca College, Toronto
• Trained in the Art of Facilitation
• Semester at Ravencrest Bible College, Colorado, USA
• Courses at Tyndale College and Seminary, Toronto


• International Speaker / Vocal Soloist / Worship leader at various events including church retreats, Missionfest Toronto, Summer camp concerts in Poland, Women Alive, festivals, Women/Senior/Single events including People’s church, Toronto
• 100 Huntley Street (TV) guest speaker and singer
• Songs, inspirational messages and interviews shared over various Radio stations
• RSVP (Stonecroft) ministries approved speaker and singer travelling across Canada and the USA
• Regular Worship leader at World Vision Canada chapel services and home churches
• Voice and music theory teacher
• Youth Vocal Ensemble Director
• Theatrical Roles with Opera Buffa, The Campus, Springvale Baptist church


2 CDs
3 Singles
1 Published writing